Creating and optimizing the category page with Wix Studio

In the competitive digital world, having a well-organized online store is key to attracting and retaining customers. Wix Stores and Wix Studio offers a robust tool for entrepreneurs and web designers aiming to optimize their online shops: the category page. This article will explore how you can enhance both efficiency and aesthetic appeal by customizing your category pages.

What are Category Pages? Wix Studio

Category pages in a Wix store act like showcases for your products, organizing them into thematic or type-based groups. This not only improves user experience but also aids SEO strategy by keeping your store organized.

The Importance of Category Pages

  1. Simplified Navigation: Properly designed category pages reduce the number of clicks needed to find a product, simplifying the shopping experience.
  2. Unified Aesthetic: Consistent visual themes across category pages strengthen brand identity and create a cohesive shopping experience.
  3. SEO Optimization: Category pages are great for optimizing specific keywords, enhancing your search engine ranking potential.

Customizing Category Pages Wix Studio

Layout Choices

Wix Stores allows you to select from various layouts for your category pages, each offering different visual and functional benefits depending on your products.

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Visual Elements

You can customize elements like:

  • Category Name: Display at the top to reinforce user awareness of their browsing context.
  • Category Image: Use attractive images to visually represent each category.
  • Category Description: Brief descriptions can help contextualize the category and improve SEO.

Visibility Settings Wix Studio

  • Sidebar Visibility: Choose whether to show the sidebar with category filters, useful especially on mobile devices to save screen space.
  • Menu Integration: Ensure the category menu is clearly integrated into your site’s layout to facilitate easy navigation.

User Experience Wix Studio

Well-planned category pages not only help organize products but significantly enhance user experience. An intuitive and accessible design can turn a one-time visitor into a loyal customer.


Taking time to customize the category pages in your Wix store is not just about aesthetics but is essential for improving navigation, strengthening your brand, and optimizing search engine placement. With the insights provided here, you can turn your category pages into powerful tools for marketing and sales.

For more detailed exploration on how to effectively set up and customize your category page in Wix Stores, be sure to visit the Wix support center.

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