Streamlining Your Wix Store with Effective Category Management

Creating a well-organized online store involves not just listing products but also strategically categorizing them to enhance user experience. Wix Stores offers a flexible and intuitive platform to create and display product categories effectively. This article will guide you through the essentials of setting up your categories in Wix Stores to streamline your operations and potentially increase your sales.

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Creating Product Categories

The Basics of Category Management
  1. Why Create Categories? Categories allow customers to easily find what they’re looking for by grouping related products together. For instance, you might have separate categories for “Candles,” “Ceramics,” and “Posters.”
  2. Creating a New Category:
    • Navigate to the ‘Categories’ section in your site’s dashboard.
    • Click ‘+ New Category’ and enter a name for your category.
    • Though category images are added for organizational purposes, they don’t appear on your live site.
  1. Adding Products to Categories:
    • Once a category is named, you can add products to it by selecting the desired items and clicking ‘Add’.
    • Remember, a product can appear in multiple categories.

Displaying Categories

Customization and Display Options
  1. Integrating Categories into Your Site:
    • After creating a category, you might choose to display it on an existing or a new page of your site to make it easily accessible for customers.
  2. Using Categories in Product Galleries:
    • In any Product Gallery on your site, you can display products from a specific category instead of from ‘All Products’.
    • To change the displayed category, go to the Product Gallery settings and select the preferred category.

FAQs and Tips

  • Tip for Display: If you prefer not to display a particular category on your site, simply skip the steps for integration after creation.
  • Using Categories for Filters: Besides organization, categories can be used for setting up custom filters to refine product searches further.


Setting up and managing product categories in Wix Stores is a crucial strategy for maintaining an organized online shop. It not only helps customers navigate your products easier but also enhances overall user experience and supports your SEO efforts. Remember, the key to effective category management lies in how well it integrates with your overall store layout and customer engagement strategies.

For detailed instructions and more tips on optimizing your product categories, visit the Wix support center.

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